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How to save money quickly

Saving Money

There are plenty of savings methods and techniques floating around the internet which will be able to fit and suit you and your lifestyle. The tricky part is finding them and being able to stick to them without dramatically impacting your day to day spending habits. Although, you should bare in mind that this might be something which is ‘for the better’ if you are somebody who spends too much money or money on unnecessary items.

Top Three Ways

Not every way which is listed below works for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be find one for you. We have gathered a list of savings tips which we believe are some of the best ones to save with. In other words, some which will build you up some money to fall back whilst still being easy to adapt too and save.

50/30/20 Rule to save

This rule was created by a bankruptcy expert for people to avoid being low on money and enable them to always have some money to fall back on. The rule divides your income into three different sections.

First of all the largest chunk is 50%. This is to be spent on the essentials which you have to buy or pay for every month. So, this would be things like food, bills and debts which you have to pay. 50% gives you a large enough chunk to be able to pay for these things, but we suggest you adjust this if you don’t need to spend this much on the essentials, the remaining money can be saved.

Secondly, 30% is to be spent on things which you want. This can be things like a haircut, a new phone or a meal out. So, it is things which aren’t essential but are nice to have.

Therefore, that leaves 20% left over. This 20% should be saved, it will enable you to have something to fall back on if you have any unnecessary bills to pay.

Save with a jar

This might sound a little basic, or sound as though it is something you should do when you’re a child. But, in reality, it is one of the best ways you can save. Depending on how you want to save or what you want to save for, one of the best ways is to divide your savings into different jars for different purposes. So, you may have one jar for bills, one for holidays, one for a house and so on. This technique is a great way of making sure your bills are covered. As well as this, it is great to understand where your money goes exactly. Or, instead of this, people like to save specific coins in jars. For example, 50p’s or £2 coins are the most popular. This is a method where you save every 50p or £2 coin you get.

Use a savings account

Similarly to the two methods above, a savings account is one of the best ways which you can stay on top of all of your finances. You can see them grow and grow each time you put more money in. Although, before you begin adding random chunks of money into an account, you should look at your bank statement and see what you spend each month, how much of it is essential and what you don’t need to spend. This way you will be able to see exactly how much you can comfortably save. Once you have done this you can then put money in each month until you have reached your goal. Or even just until you feel like you have a comfortable amount to fall back on if you need too.


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