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Payday loans VS personal loans – a unique comparison

Payday Loans VS Personal Loans – A unique comparison

When you need money for a financial emergency, you can always ask for a loan form a lender. They type of loan you get will depend on the degree of the emergency. Immediate financial aid will need immediate funding, and that is when you turn to PMLoansPayday loans are good when you are facing a minor accident, lack of utilities or need to pay a bill immediately among other reasons. Personal loans, on the other hand, are good for business emergencies, impending bills and future financial crisis.

Let’s look at the basics; payday loans

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They are short term loans meant for short term emergencies. These loans are to be paid back within two weeks and three months depending on the terms of the lender. The payment method fully depends on you, as long as you clear the loan before the agreed-upon deadline.

They have been proven to be convenient for financial emergencies.  A payday loan application and request can take up to a few minutes or hours.  All you need to qualify for this type of loan is an identification card and a bank account; in some cases, lenders may ask for a proof of income.

The interest rates on this type of loan are higher compared to conventional loans.  The lenders impose the rates as soon as you receive your payday loans. This means it is calculated and the deadline is given immediately you receive this loan.

A poor credit record does not hinder you from accessing a payday loan. Lenders will approve the loan request regardless. A late payment, however, will appear as a negative on your credit report thus messing up your chances of getting conventional bank loans

Personal loans

Personal loans are to be paid over a couple of years as per an agreement with you and the lender. The numbers of years you make the payments depend on the amount of money you received from the lender. The payment plans include monthly, yearly and quarterly payments.  Some lenders may deduct the payments from your income even before you have full access to it

You are free to use this loan according to your wishes. It can be god for both business investments and personal needs. Personal loans have a strict requirement and qualification. you will need to submit your identification card, proof of permanent income, employer’s contacts, your credit report and some form of collateral for screening. It can take a lender a few weeks to approve your loan request.

A poor credit report may cost you a personal loan. With impending loans, poor credit history and low credit points, most lenders will not trust you to make the loan payments on time. if the lender happens to approve the loan, it will be a lower amount than you will have signed up for.

There are two easy you clear our personal loan; sign up for a fixed-rate payment or a variable rate payments plan. Fixed rates make monthly repayments easier for the first few years.

The final word

You should take up the loan depending on your needs and the immediate financial situation. Ensure you take up only what you need to make the repayment process easier. Lenders and brokers like PMLoans are available when you’re considering a loan. They also can offer you numerous pieces of financial advice if getting a loan isn’t something you would like to do. To find more information on financial advice visits their ‘Blog’ section which can be found on their website. 


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